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Welcome to the Paint Shop Pro 8 HELP Community!

Please DO take time to read these guidelines BEFORE you join.

Whether you're new to PSP8 or consider yourself an experienced user, this is the community for you!

Friendly interaction is a must. Entries and comments should be considerate of all members and keep in mind that all ages are welcome here.

Please give credit where credit is due. If you share or link to an image, tell us the name/username of the creator.

This is not a warez-friendly community. Please don't request/share software, fonts, etc. that should be paid for.

It's always a good idea to check the community MEMORIES if you want to find specific information!

Please read ALL ADMIN posts before you join. Ignorance of community policies is no excuse here.

Please use the Subject line when posting here. It's important to tell us (briefly) what you're posting about -- especially if you have a question!

Yes, we also offer support for Jasc's Animation Shop 3!

  • Advertising and/orpromoting any other communities, groups and websites requires permission.

  • Friendliness is a must.

  • Respect is a must.

  • When in doubt about how to do something, check the community MEMORIES. Pay special attention to all ADMINs.

  • You must use an lj-cut tag for ALL images larger than 200 x 200 pixels in size. (This is done by typing the following:

    <lj-cut text="Your text here">

    Link or image (plus text) goes here.

    End the cut with:


  • You must use an lj-cut tag for ALL links -- no exceptions.

  • You must use an lj-cut tag for ALL tutorials that are lengthy.

    This community is not associated with Jasc software. For more information on Paint Shop Pro 8 (or other Jasc software products), go to Jasc.Com.